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Mobile Concrete Plants

BS 42 is a hydraulic system, automatic, PLC controlling machine with 100 - 160 bar pressure range which the main machine and the batching plant is controlled by PLC.

Product picking robot is used in this facility. For this reason the products which are produced needs to be dried longer time and the quantity of wooden pallets should be thought according to this situation.

There is also options to carry the products with forklift or automatic system robot carrying cars. The batching plant which is used for dry mortar can also be used for wet mortar as a second option.

  • A + (A Plus) energy saving products
  • EFF3 class electric motors
  • Free spare parts with machine
  • 2 +2 total of 4 years warranty
  • ISO 9001: 2008 total quality management system of conformity
  • CE declaration of European standards
  • Trained staff and "HL" product models
  • Fast service, spare parts guarantee
  • Appropriate material usage in the norms of DIN and TSEK standards
  • Easy usable program selection
  • Auto/Manuel Choice
  • Authorization certificate at the end of training period
  • Stop, standby and continue production from the point where was left.
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    Concrete Block Machines

    You can see the general layout, transport information and photos of Concrete Block Machines - BS-42 by clicking the related tabs and you can request a quotation by clicking REQUEST A QUOTE tabs.

    Vibration Impact Force
    32000 kg
    Vibration Power
    48 kW
    Vibration Cooling Capacity
    11000 m³/h
    Hydraulic Cooling Capacity
    120 lt/min
    Pump Power
    31,5 kW
    Robot Pump Power
    15 kW
    Picking Robot Motor Power
    15 kW
    Machine Sizes
    2,1 x 8,5 x 2,5 m
    PLC: Contactor
    Moeller Thermic Siemens Touch Screen
    Interlock paver mould
    Oxygen cutting and CNC processing
    Thick Mortar Conveyor
    3 kW 
    Thin Mortar Conveyor
    3 kW
    Thick Material Transport Conveyor
    4 kW 
    Thin Material Transport Conveyor
    4 kW
    BS1500 MIXER: Mixing Capacity
    1500 dm³ 60 kW
    BS500 MIXER: Mixing Capacity
    500 dm³ 15 kW
    Thick Material Sand Bunker
    20 m³ x 3 pcs
    Thin Material Sand Bunker
    8 m³ x 2 pcs
    Thick Material Weighing Conveyor
    5,5 kW
    Thin Material Weighing Conveyor
    3 kW
    Thick Mortar Cement Weighing Volume
    600 kg
    Thin Mortar Cement Weighing Volume
    300 kg
    Cement Silo 50 tons:  Filter
    24 m² WAM, Safety Valve: WAM
    Cement screw 8m:  Motor Power
    4kW, Tube diameter: 219mm
    Water Weighing scale
    300 kg

    Mobile Concrete Plants

    Shipping friendly equipments of our concrete block plants minimize the transport cost of our clients with its modular structure and availablity to be shipped within closed truck trailers and containers.

    Concrete Block Machines

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